I'm a hybrid Digital Transformationalist Diva, SAFe, CSM certified with multiple skill-sets always working with a network of genius associates. My playground and work-focus has been and always will be worldwide. I have a proven history of being a result-driven Programme Director, Product Owner and Head of Digital Delivery with more than 15+ years of experience in providing consultancy, creative and technical support to Digital Transformation.


I am a certified NLP Practictioner.  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an extremely powerful concept used to enhance self development and move towards personal transformation practised worldwide. I have always been fascinated by the subconscious mind and in particular the power behind our emotions and behaviour. I’ve had some amazing life experience mainly from my own personal challenges, all of which were of great benefit in the end as I have been my own best customer! To ensure my work is of the highest quality, I consistently build on my professional knowledge in the applications of neuroscience, and other modolities covering an array of teachings.

With a comprehensive background in business process, outsourcing, global stakeholder management as well as project and service delivery for very large prestigious organizations, I stand by the coined Nike slogan"Just Do it". With excellent communication skills while coordinating with top level management, staff, and external consultants I can't say anymore... but if you'd like to discuss further, about my work experience or how we may work together why not contact me now and let’s have a chat!


  • Mona has a wealth of experience and I learnt a lot working as part of her team. She's ambitious, charismatic as well as being a strong leader. Her eye for detail means she's not only two steps ahead, but also great managing projects.

  • If you're looking to hire someone who knows how to think outside of the box, accomplish the mission, and do it with excellence, then Mona Celiece Channet is the person for the job!

  • Working with Mona has always been a pleasure as she’s focused and reliable from both a recruiters point of view and delivering even on the most on demanding projects. I would confidently recommend Mona for the trickiest of digital projects!

  • Mona is a bright and innovative team member who delivered results and an asset to any company. Always cheerful and receptive to new ideas she was able to demonstrate both excellent technical and interpersonal skills.

  • I can recommend that Mona is nice person and extremely good ather work. She is a perfect team player, who managed to get thework done by her team efficiently, professionally and she is verygood communication. It was a pleasure to work with Mona.I wishher all the good luck!

  • Mona-Celiece was a quick learner and was challenged with handling our department's web design work with minimal direction and minimal turnover from our previous web manager. Celiece came in, took over and was able to make the transition seemless to our end users and department. She was able to identify improvements to the process to make certain that anyone could come in and take over our design if necessary vs. creating difficult custom made code.

  • I highly recommend Mona Celiece as a valued business partner. She's always been professional, responsive, and intuitive. Her creativity is unequaled. Mona has been of great benefit to several of my clients over the years and I wouldn't hesitate to continue recommending her marketing and design capabilities. One of her most intriguing attributes is her entrepreneurial spirit. She maintains a strategic vision and understands the dynamics of a value proposition.

  • I worked with Mona on a Global Big Data CRM development and she managed the Agile delivery as well as engagement with stakeholders. Mona is very focused and organised, as well as a delight to work with. She is able to get the right mix of personability and professionalism which motivates the team and gets the job done, as well as knowing what to do and present in assuring the team has met the stakeholders' expectations

  • I would like to start by saying Mona = perfect Leader. I had a chance to work with Mona for one of my projects in Publicis Sapient. She is always motivated and keeps the team in the same high spirits. I’m lucky to have worked with Mona, a manager who’s not only interested in the company’s bottom line, but also in his employees’ professional growth. She had helped the project with her expertise in Marketing communication skills.

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