Chatbots – automated conversations that help user engagement and grow businesses.

The purpose of an invisible conversation is to have an automated chat at scale with the user, but they should experience one-to-one chat with your actual brand. Using the conversation design approach on your business website will gain you the complete trust of your customer. But all this involves extensive planning and a clean chatbot strategy for your business.

Why Chatbots and why now? 

AI in 2020 is the most over-used noun but it does play a huge role in all parts of life and so in business interactions. Especially in situations like today’s where reachability is the key to win customers.

AI needs no coffee breaks, no restroom visits, no day off’s no sick leaves, no family emergencies. We don’t say it can replace human efforts but it certainly means with chatbots you are available 24/7 and that’s even more needed if you have an online business.

80 percent of the companies already have or are planning to deploy a chatbot strategyfor the growth of their business by the end of 2020.

Peep into the Past

Chatbots were introduced in the year 2016 and initially posed as just a shiny feature on the client’s website. Conversational AI assistants and chatbots have gained much more prominence in the year 2020. AI has slowly risen to the center and showcased itself upfront in a sustainable digital transformation strategy by turning into its soul, through a solid foundation.

Building Long-Lasting Relationships

The new age one-on-one communication system of adapting a chatbot is helping in building long-lasting relationships that deliver tailored experiences which the millennium customers crave for, whether in the marketing, customer service, or e-commerce industry. Make the best decisions for your brand while building the best conversational strategy.

The Strategic Chatbot Approach

What is the primary function of a chatbot development company? They define the conversation flow and determine the main user experience with the chatbot. The conversational flows include the involvement of advanced technical elements and setting the features of the chatbot to reach the goals set for executing an effective chatbot strategy.

To separate the success of the chatbot strategy from a failure, the conceptualization, the evolution of the chatbot over time, and the measurable goals set to accomplish should be designed and formulated flawlessly. Future developments in the chatbot strategy should be based on its performance against the key performance indicators set for the business.

  • Identifying the Key Components

The chatbot development company runs the chatbot through a specifically designed system for a customer before the actual production begins. The key to innovative branding through a chatbot involves key components such as the audience, goal, performance, key intents, telling a story, the strength of your platform, the feedback of the customers, etc.

  • Define Bots personality according to your Brand’s

The focus has shifted from catchy visuals and slogans to new generation interfaces that focus on a natural tone of language. Chatbots are humanizing the brands and literally giving them a voice of their own! The way to commercial success is to create customer-centric experiences that feel more humanized and personalized. Embodying the brand digitally from head-to-toe, your chatbot is increasingly turning into a virtual ambassador of your brand.

Chatbots need to be more universal and relatable, just like the people they reach, as they have turned into the first point of contact for the brand that they represent. AI-powered chatbots act as a friend you go virtual shopping with, so the conversational tone and the type of service provided by a chatbot will make a lot of difference to the company’s brand.

  • Audience Profile

To connect to your target audience in a useful and relatable way, you have to design a frame of mind that looks at the anatomy and scope of the conversations that the customer is likely to have with your brand across all channels in a consistent way. The guiding light for the implementation of a successful chatbot strategyis your audience and every decision that you take, should begin with them.

  • Defining the Purpose

Before developing an effective chatbot strategy, begin at the end, to define your goal to achieve. Create an experience for your customers by considering the relevant actions in the best-case scenarios. The goal of any business is the conversion of prospective customers to buyers. This goal cannot be achieved just by collecting the contact information of the user. If you use your chatbot as a strategic acquisition tool, it will add value to your business.

  • Performance Parameters

Start small and scale from there! Be agile in the digital world and keep adapting to the ever-changing demands of the consumer that is worthy of including in the machine learning strategyA chatbot is a project that cannot be set in stone, it is iterative by design. Therefore, just like the customers, it is a digital organism that is always learning, growing, and evolving with the changing times.

The chatbot strategist starts creating conversational activities to accomplish the performance metrics of the business. Your firm’s KPI in the conversational channel is the conversational completion benchmarks of the leads qualified from it and the final quotes delivered to the customer.

  • Picking the Right Channel

It is more about where you are selling rather than what you are selling. You need to identify that ONE place that can influence the customers with interactive technology. Cut down on wasted time by figuring out the best-suited platform for placing your chatbot, to put your brand in direct contact with the people that the company wants to target.

  • Creating Value and Relationships

In the digitized world, value creation is prioritized over actual sales. Do not push hard sales pitch on the customer; rather engage them in pleasant and useful conversations by way of extension of the brand’s helpfulness towards the customers with a chatbot.

  • Define the flow of conversation

And the above said can only happen if the flow of the conversation is right. Your flow of conversation should be aim oriented but the key intent should be to satisfy your customer or to-be customer. Gauge all possibilities and armor your bot with all answers.

  • Account the feedback and implement Analytics 

The School of bot believes it to be the most vital component to assess your chatbot health. Feedbacks will tell you the loopholes and it’s the only way of understanding if your conversation is going flat. Feedback will also give straights analytics of your product and service, gap between expectation and experience and will also show you ways to improve.

Highlights of using a Chatbot:

  1. Chatbots interact with the customers and help in gathering meaningful data from them.
  2. Updates and launches of a company’s product can generate leads that can eventually turn into sales.
  3. The biggest advantage of deploying a chatbot is that it works around the clock.
  4. It saves the client company money by reducing the recurring expenses on the customer support team every month.
  5. Chatbots respond in the exact same manner that is previously set by the chatbot development company unlike humans, whose correspondence depends on their mood swings at the time of the conversation.
  6. Chatbots are doing a great job of improving customer service operations, for which they were introduced into the digital world.

The other side of the Coin

A chatbot has no emotions and creating a chatbot from scratch can prove to be particularly challenging too. They usually have the capacity to deal with first-level questions only. They also need an ongoing maintenance, optimization, and review in terms of their knowledge database while interacting with the customer.

However, the advantages clearly outweigh the drawbacks of using a chatbot. A successful chatbot strategy will save the brand a lot of money, time, and resources, along with taking the customer experience level to greater heights! You can enhance their personality and keep adding content to their database.

If you are facing any challenges with optimizing your chatbot, engage an experienced chatbot development company that can create powerful conversational chatbots and you can provide a 24/7 satisfactory experience to your customers.

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