Articles by: Mona Channet

10 Online tools that’s FREE!

The exponential evolution of web browsers led to the development of many new and extremely useful web apps, web services, and other online tools that can completely replace previously needed specialised software installed on our computers.  This means that you no longer need to have a powerful computer in order to […]

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All about Chatbox in 2020

Chatbots – automated conversations that help user engagement and grow businesses. The purpose of an invisible conversation is to have an automated chat at scale with the user, but they should experience one-to-one chat with your actual brand. Using the conversation design approach on your business website will gain you […]

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Renovate your WFH Office Space

Are you still stuck with the old and confined office space? It could be that your employees cannot reach their maximum productivity because everything is wrong with the office space. It is time that you consider to renovate your office space to a modern style. With the numerous office designs, […]

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